You are in for a treat


Ok you guys, you've made it this far so I want to be as transparent as possible from the very beginning. I want this experience to be all about you! You call the shots, you say what goes and I tag along for the ride!! Because after all, it is your story we are telling here. Think of this as just us hanging out together except instead of taking selfies of our good times together with a phone, I'll be bringing my camera and we will capture every special moment of the day :)

What To Expect


The Process

Consultation Call
The Big Day
You've Got Mail

We will plan a free consultation call where I can get to know you guys as a couple, your story and it will be the opportunity to share any details about what your envisioning for your special day

After selecting your package that best suits you both, we will have you guys sign the dotted lines, pay your security deposit and wrap up the last final details

After doing all the fine print work, any additional planning you guys need I'll be here for. I'm only a text away so any inspiration you guys think of along the way, please send my way and we will make it happen

YASSS!! It's your special day!! I will be there every step of the way capturing every special moment for you guys. It's going to be amazing 

Shortly after the ceremony I'll make sure to send you guys a couple of sneak peaks and then send you your personalized gallery to you via email 

...shall we do this?


Can't wait to hear from you